The Whimsical Side of Chris McVeigh

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This is my first post in the “Whimsical Wednesday” series and I figured I’d start with one of the best. We’ve seen the LEGO photography of Chris McVeigh featured here before so it’s no surprise we’re back to find some more of his stunning work on display.

This is one of his latest posts to Flickr, in honor of the Deadpool movie and it’s Valentine promotion.

Will U B Mine?!

Vintage RadioThese models are a sheer joy to build. So authentic in every way, including the things you don't see at all  #lego #afol #myfirstgameconsole #spriteedition #retro #powerpig #perfection #nintendo #nes #custom155/365: C64 #commadore #c64 #lego #powerpig #chrismcveigh #photoaday #365 #2013 #hami365Who wants ice cream!?GruntWhat Remains

<a data-flickr-embed=”true” data-header=”true”  href=”″ title=”Lego”><img src=”” width=”533″ height=”640″ alt=”Lego”>

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