New March LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets

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Continuing with our profile of March LEGO releases, we’re going to take a look at the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets which focus mainly on Captain America: Civil War movie related content since the movie is due out May 6 in North America.

76051 Super Hero Airport Battle

This is the set that has caused some controversy over the GIANT spoiler in the set. The description from LEGO says the set contains 6 minifigures and a buildable Giant Man figure. 807 pieces, mostly in the Quinjet it seems.

76049 Avenjet Space Mission

523 pieces make up this convertable 2-in-1 Avenjet featuring a detachable mini-jet. Includes 4 minifigures and a larger Thanos figure.

76047 Black Panther Pursuit

One of the cooler sets, in my opinion, because you get Black Panther, Captain America and Bucky/Winter Soldier all in one set with an awesome looking 4×4, a motorcycle and the Black Panther’s jet with stud shooters. Seems awesome to me.


Other new sets from the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes lineup include:

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