Toys ‘R’ Us Canada has new LEGO

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I got an email from Toys ‘R’ Us Canada today and the headline is celebrating the arrival of the new 2016 LEGO sets in store and online. This isn’t “new” really as some have been available in certain locations for a while. You can click the banner below to see the sets.

The website lists 115 LEGO sets at the link above, with 100 of them flagged as NEW today. That’s an impressive number of sets that TRU fans will be able to choose from. None of the new sets are on sale or specially priced, so expect normal Toys R Us prices, but they are all tagged with “Free Shipping* on everything when you spend $49.00” which some people have said excludes LEGO. I couldn’t find any specific text to that effect, so keep an eye on the final price and shipping amount if you choose to order online.

This week’s flyer is available online as well at this link.

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