Build your house out of LEGO bricks

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A website named Movoto, which aims to help make real estate transactions easier, released an interesting little novelty tool way back in 2012. The tool calculates how many LEGO bricks (they call them Legos, but we’ll ignore that), it would take to build a LEGO version of your house.

They say that a median two-storey home would be about 2,169 square feet and would take over 10 million LEGO bricks to build just for the exterior perimeter, ceiling and roof but without interior walls. I’ve always found walls to be helpful, but that’s just me. They did some calculations about the size of a 4×2 LEGO brick and the size of a concrete construction brick, then multiplied it all out. I’m not sure why the brick comparison was needed, but they did it.

Lego My House by Movoto

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