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Series 20 LEGO Collectible Minifigures Distribution

As boxes of the upcoming LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 20 start to hit reviewers, we now know the distribution of the figures within the...

Detailed Photos of 4 Minifigure Packs

Via PromoBricks we've learned that a Russian toy site has posted official images of the upcoming minifigure packs due out June 1. There are...

Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive Minifigures Spotted!

After last year's popular switch to mini-modulars for Bricktober at Toys 'R' Us, it looks like we're going to see minifigure collections again this...

Official Disney CMF Press Release

From LEGO, we now have the official press release about the new 18-character set of LEGO Disney Custom MiniFigures. The photos are in our...

Which actor has the most minifigures?

CapnRex101 over on has posed a very interesting question. Which actor is represented by the most minifigures in LEGO? There's a detailed set of...

Real Clothes for LEGO Minifigures

Korean design firm Leese Design has launched a fashion collection to help upgrade your standard LEGO minifigure, and help them become the fashionista they...