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2017 City Advent Calendar – Day 6

Moving away from the traditional holiday elements - like yesterday's awesome LEGO gingerbread house, today we're into toys. This cute prop plane uses just around...

2017 City Advent Calendar – Day 5

Today we have an iconic winter holiday season micro-build - a LEGO Gingerbread House. Using the red and green 1x1 round tiles for candy...

2017 City Advent Calendar – Day 4

Day 4 of the City Advent Calendar brings us a cozy red chair with a lamp and... a miniature Christmas tree? You can sit...

2017 City Advent Calendar – Day 3

In much of the Northern Hemisphere - and other cold areas, we enjoy spending part of the holidays sitting around a comfy fireplace with...

2017 Star Wars Advent Calendar – Day 1

Today, on the first day of the Star Wars 2017 Advent Calendar, we get a ship that I'm not terribly familiar with. It's The Ghost...

Christmas in June – 2017 Advent Calendar Images Released

It really is like Christmas in June with so many announcements and reveals from the LEGO Group this week, and now we get our...