Two Upcoming GWPs Appear On LEGO Site

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Today marks the official confirmation of two highly anticipated GWPs, putting an end to the speculation fueled by previous leaks and unofficial images. These upcoming sets, though small, are packed with delightful details and endless customization opportunities.

The Trophy Award set stands out with nine unique stickers (yes, stickers!) that allow you to personalize the trophy, whether you’re proudly displaying it or gifting it to a deserving recipient.

In contrast, the Firework Celebration set impresses with its innovative use of wands, discs, and vibrant transparent pieces to create a spectacular fireworks display, all without a single sticker in sight.

While specific release dates and qualifying purchase requirements remain under wraps, enthusiasts can look forward to seeing these exciting sets in stores and online very soon.

Trophy Award (40688) – 157 Pieces

Give a fun celebration gift with this buildable LEGO® Trophy Award for ages 7+. The customizable trophy comes with a variety of stickers and tiles so kids can switch up the design to match their latest success. Alternatively, they can choose a message for a friend or loved one. The set includes 4 smaller tiles with stickers to represent first place, gaming, music and sport, 5 larger stickers with different messages, plus customizable ribbon details in a variety of colors.

Firework Celebration (40689) – 184 Pieces

Stand back and watch creative sparks fly as kids aged 7 and up enjoy building this LEGO® Firework Celebrations set (40689), which makes a great celebration gift. Mirroring the magic of a real firework display, it includes colorful scenery, rotating fireworks and a rocket launching from the ground. Minifigures of an adult and child bring the set to life and come with charming camera and sparkler accessories – make sure they’re standing at a safe distance as they admire the colors in the sky!

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