LEGO Ideas “Tuxedo Cat” Set Details Announced

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There’s a new LEGO Ideas set coming on June 1. The entry originally called “Cat” by “The Yellow Brick” and looked very different. Is “Tuxedo Cat” a better or worse design in your opinion?

It’s a lifelike Tuxedo Cat (21349) display model, perfect for anyone who loves animals, art, or design. And hey, good news for allergy sufferers – it’s allergy-friendly! You can build this adorable cat with its distinctive black fur and white underbelly using LEGO bricks. It stands tall at over 12.5 inches (that’s 32 centimeters!), and it’s made up of 1,710 pieces. Plus, you get to choose between yellow or blue eyes, and you can even decide if you want the cat to have an open or closed mouth. Once you’ve built it, you can display your creation proudly and even adjust its head, ears, paws, and tail for all sorts of cute poses. It’s the purr-fect addition to any LEGO collection!

Tuxedo Cat” joins the LEGO Ideas line-up on June 1, 2024 and will be available instore and online at

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