4 Advent Calendars For 2024 Listed Including New Theme!

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Hey LEGO lovers! Big news for all you countdown-to-Christmas enthusiasts—four of the LEGO® Advent Calendars for 2024 have just been revealed! This year’s lineup brings back some familiar favorites like LEGO City, LEGO Friends, and LEGO Harry Potter. Plus, there’s an exciting addition: a brand-new LEGO Disney-themed Advent Calendar!

Now, I’m just going to show you the boxes because, let’s be honest, the whole fun of an Advent Calendar is the surprise you get each day! But if you’re just too curious and want a sneak peek of what’s inside, you can check them out on LEGO.com. Just follow the links below to see the details.

We’re still waiting on the Star Wars and Marvel Advent Calendars, which I bet will join the lineup soon. It’s pretty unusual to get a peek this early; we typically don’t see them until August!

This brand new theme – the Disney Advent calendar 2024 (43253) – is sure to be a hit. It’s similar to the LEGO Friends calendar but decked out with your favorite Disney magic. Expect mini builds and micro-dolls, including five iconic Disney ladies and some adorable animal friends.

The LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2024 (76348) is packing some serious wizarding joy this year, featuring a generous assortment of minifigures and a variety of minibuilds. You’ll find everything from house statues to festive Christmas decorations, all designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing Wizarding World sets. It’s a perfect way to add a touch of magic to your holiday season!

The LEGO City Advent Calendar 2024 (60436) is bringing its classic charm with a variety of city-themed mini-builds and minifigures. This year, you’ll find a fresh collection of festive sweater-style torsos that are just too cute! There’s even a dog figure dressed in a cozy jumper. And for a little extra surprise, this set introduces a brand-new pushchair/stroller element that we haven’t seen before. Perfect for adding a touch of realism to your LEGO city scenes!

The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2024 (42637) this year is all about building your holiday story, piece by piece. It features mainly buildable elements, with just a couple of mini-dolls and micro-dolls included. As you open each door day by day, you’ll piece together a delightful family Christmas adventure. It’s like constructing your own little festive scene right from the cozy corners of your home!

So, whether you’re a LEGO fanatic or a Disney devotee, this year’s Advent Calendar collection is starting to look pretty magical. Keep an eye out for more updates and get ready to start your holiday countdown in the most fun way possible!

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