Upcoming Carousel Ride Set Appears on LEGO.com

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If you were hoping to start an amusement park, this set… may not get you far, but as an add-on or for a parking-lot fair, it’s a nice set.

Coming in at 232 pieces, this $24.95 set will be avaiable on March 1 and it’s cute and well priced. The set includes 3 minifigures: a ticket seller, plus a boy with an ice cream and a girl with a camera.

The small carousel ride (40714) includes 4 different themed carts for minifigures to ride in: a swan, a whale, a fire truck and a boat, along with a small ticket stand at the front. The set also has a small blue cog piece that will allow the ride to turn for maximum enjoyment.

What do you think? For $25 bucks is list a fun little set?

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