Discover the LEGO Set That’s Making History!

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Discover the LEGO Set That\'s Making History!Discover the LEGO Set That\'s Making History!
  • Following an overwhelming response from around the world, LEGO® Braille Bricks are now available to purchase online at
  • The launch marks a significant milestone in the development of more inclusive learning through play experiences.
  • With both braille and printed letters, numbers and symbols on each brick, and games designed for all ages, the new ‘LEGO Braille Bricks – Play with Braille set makes learning braille more fun and accessible to everyone.
  • Available in English and French from 1st September 2023 with pre-order starting 24th August and additional languages to follow next year.

LEGO’s Brilliant Braille Bricks: A Game-Changer for Inclusive Play!

Hey LEGO fans and curious readers! From the heart of Billund, Denmark, LEGO has some exciting news that’s bound to make you smile. Just in time for World Blind Awareness Month this October, LEGO has unveiled a brand new product: LEGO® Braille Bricks. And guess what? They’re now up for pre-order on!

What’s the Buzz About? 🐝

Designed for kiddos aged 6 and up, these Braille Bricks are all about inclusivity. Whether you’re blind, partially-sighted, or sighted, these bricks offer a playful way to explore the world of braille. Imagine learning braille while building with LEGO – it’s a win-win!

Martine Abel-Williamson, the big boss at the World Blind Union, couldn’t contain her excitement. She shared how these bricks aren’t just about literacy for the blind community; they’re a gateway to independence and inclusion. And the fact that it’s LEGO? Well, that just makes it all the more special.

A Bit of Backstory 📜

Before this big reveal, LEGO Braille Bricks were exclusively given out for free by the LEGO Foundation to certain organizations dedicated to educating visually impaired children. Since their debut in 2020, the feedback has been nothing short of phenomenal. Parents, grandparents, educators, and most importantly, the kids, have been raving about the positive impact these bricks have had. And that’s what inspired LEGO to create the ‘Play with Braille’ set, so families can enjoy and learn right at home.

Lisa Taylor, a super-mom to Olivia and Imogen, shared her personal experience. Olivia stumbled upon these bricks at school, and it was love at first touch. Before LEGO stepped in, Olivia found braille a tad challenging. But now? She’s acing it and even teaching her younger sis. The best part? Olivia feels just like any other kid, and that’s priceless.

Diving into the Details 🧐

The ‘Play with Braille’ set is a colorful mix of 287 bricks in white, yellow, green, red, and blue. They’re just like regular LEGO bricks but with a twist – the studs on each brick represent braille symbols. Plus, there’s a printed version of the symbol or letter right below the studs for everyone to understand.

And there’s more! The set comes with two baseplates and packaging that’s embossed in braille. To make things even more fun, offers a bunch of play starters. Think of classic games like Rock, Paper, Scissors, but with a braille twist!

Rasmus Løgstrup, the genius designer behind these bricks at LEGO, shared the heartwarming journey of creating this product. The overwhelming demand and the potential for social inclusion drove the team to make these bricks available for everyone.

LEGO’s Commitment to Inclusivity 🌍

LEGO’s not stopping there. They’ve teamed up with the popular mobile app, Be My Eyes. This app is a lifesaver, connecting visually impaired folks with companies to help with daily tasks via live video calls. Through this partnership, LEGO’s Customer Service will offer live visual assistance for everything from unboxing to general product queries.

Mike Buckley, the head honcho at Be My Eyes, expressed his excitement about this collaboration. He emphasized how this partnership amplifies the creativity of the blind and low vision community, who already adore LEGO.

And there’s another cherry on top! LEGO’s Audio & Braille Building Instructions are here to stay. Thanks to the brilliant Matthew Shifrin, who’s blind himself, builders now have the option to get select LEGO instructions in audio or for braille readers.

Ready to Get Yours? 🛍️

The ‘Play with Braille’ set is priced at a cool 89.99 USD. You can pre-order it in English and French, with the official launch set for September 1st, 2023. And keep an eye out for Italian, German, and Spanish versions coming in early 2024!

Lastly, the LEGO Foundation isn’t forgetting its roots. They’ll continue their research and distribute the educational kits for free through partnering organizations.

So, here’s to LEGO, for making playtime more inclusive and fun for everyone! 🎉🧱

Discover the LEGO Set That\'s Making History!Discover the LEGO Set That\'s Making History!

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Discover the LEGO Set That\'s Making History!Discover the LEGO Set That\'s Making History!


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