Creativity Without Boundaries – The LEGO Group Launches New, Interactive Workshops

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  • Calling all imaginative storytellers, fantasy gamers and aspiring customisation designers! The LEGO Group is launching an incredible, new Play Unstoppable workshop series for young creators globally this summer.
  • Amassing millions of fans on social media, multi-award-winning character design studio Cabeza Patata, video creator Lauryn Alexandria and crafty DIY design queen Jessie Bluegrey, have created sessions that will explore design, character creation and gaming.
  • The sessions have been designed to give young minds the space and freedom to create and play without limits, after research from the LEGO Group found that 88% of children said they like playing because there is no right or wrong.
  • To celebrate, Cabeza Patata and Lauryn Alexandria will be running one-off workshops at flagship LEGO® stores in London and New York respectively, and Jessie Bluegrey will be hosting a meet and greet at the flagship LEGO store in Munich.
  • Online versions of each creatives workshop will also be available online on LEGO Life, with events inspired by the creatives hosted by store associates in over 190+ LEGO stores across Europe, the USA and Canada.

3rd August 2023: Looking to unleash your kids’ imaginations over the summer? The LEGO Group has teamed up with trailblazing international creatives to launch a series of free workshops designed to give young creators aged 6-12 the freedom they need to express themselves.

The workshops are part of the LEGO Group’s Play Unstoppable initiative, aimed at celebrating the endless potential of girls when they are encouraged to play without limits. From helping young storytellers dream up characters with design visionaries Cabeza Patata, to giving avid gamers a canvas to build new gaming worlds with renowned narrator Lauryn Alexandria (aka Toastymarshmellow) and encouraging young designers to express their unique style with DIY queen Jessie Bluegrey, the workshops will give creative children a platform to show they can be anything they want and create anything they put their mind to through LEGO play.

The unstoppable creatives Cabeza Patata and Lauryn Alexandria will be running interactive workshops in London and New York, whilst Jessie Bluegrey will be hosting a meet and greet for fans in Munich. Themed online workshops with all creatives will be hosted at and on the LEGO Life app. Additional workshops, inspired by Cabeza Patata, Lauryn and Jessie, will also take place in LEGO stores across Europe, the USA and Canada between August – October led by brilliant store associates to encourage kids around the world to build creatively.

A need for play without limitations
A worldwide study of 6,844 parents and children aged 6-14 years old, carried out by the Geena Davis Institute in 2021 on behalf of the LEGO Group, reveals that girls feel increasingly confident to engage in all types of play and creative activities, but remain held back by ingrained gender stereotypes.

With 91% of parents saying they see their child experimenting with new ideas and concepts through play, and 88% of children saying they like play because there is no right or wrong way to do it2, the workshops with Jessie, Cabeza Patata and Lauryn aim to champion and unlock creative self-expression in all children, however they choose to play and create.

“The power of play is an indomitable force that can lead young women towards their passions, dreams, ambitions, and unique identities. When girls have the space and freedom to express themselves fully, they are an unstoppable influence on the world. They are playful inventors, curious scientists, daring dreamers and bold adventurers – and that’s exactly what the Play Unstoppable sessions are designed to ignite. Our LEGO workshops will continue to show girls that they can do anything and be anything they imagine.” said Alero Akuya, VP of Global Brand at the LEGO Group.

Three ways your kids can ‘Play Unstoppable’ this summer with the LEGO Group:

  1. Play Unstoppable Creativity Studios
    The creatives, who have in their own way all proven ‘unstoppable’, celebrate the summer series with Play Unstoppable Creativity Studios.

London and New York
Two one-off and individually themed workshops will be hosted at the LEGO Store Leicester Square, London with Katie and Abel from multi-award winning character design studio Cabeza Patata (27th August) and the LEGO Store Fifth Avenue, New York with gaming sensation and video creator Lauryn Alexandria (1st October).

The free Creativity Studios are designed to inspire those aged 6-12 to explore their passions via creative building while encouraging experimentation and expression, to show they can be and create anything they want, with no right or wrong answers. Tickets are required and to book a free space, visit

Crafty customisation and DIY design queen Jessie Bluegrey will be hosting a free meet & greet for fans at the LEGO Store München Zentrum, Munich (9th August), which will encourage children to bring in the wonderful designs they have created from her online workshop to showcase to Jessie in-person. Head to to book your spot.

  1. Play Unstoppable Creativity Workshops: 190+ LEGO stores spanning Europe, the US and Canada
    To make sure everyone can get creative, select LEGO stores will be running exciting Play Unstoppable Creativity Workshops hosted by store associates. The workshops will give children the chance to experiment with LEGO bricks and express their creativity in an equally fun and creative environment. Check out to find out when events are running in your local store.
  2. Online: Be part of Play Unstoppable Creativity At Home
    Can’t get into store? No problem! Tune into the virtual Play Unstoppable Creativity At Home workshops that Cabeza Patata, Lauryn and Jessie have created at and on the LEGO Life app.

“Right now, millions of young women around the world are using their creativity to do mind-blowing things. My masterclass draws inspiration from this incredible next generation of talent. I want to create an experience that encourages and empowers them to chase after their dreams and reach for the stars! It’s time to celebrate the many ways in which girls can play freely, without any stereotypes holding them back.” commented Lauryn Alexandria.

“Our work has always strived to build a world of strong but playful characters with a tough attitude, regardless of their gender. We are honoured to be working with the LEGO Group to embrace this notion of diversity and inclusivity, whilst inspiring young children and budding creators globally to play, draw and design freely, without limitations.” added Cabeza Patata.

The Play Unstoppable workshop series demonstrates the endless possibilities for creation that the LEGO System in Play offers all children.

About the Play Unstoppable Creativity Studios
LEGO® Store München Zentrum, Germany | 9th August
Theme: Self Expression Meet and Greet with Jessie Bluegrey | @jessiebluegrey
Whether it’s recipes from three ingredients, drawings with just one colour, or giving things a new look, her recent book combining everyday organisation with fun creative tasks went straight to the top of the SPIEGEL bestseller list.

Amassing over 4M followers on social media with her comedic DIY, jewellery making and craft videos, learn how self-expression and customisation is a central part to 23-year-old Jessie’s identity as a designer and how she uses LEGO play to find inspiration and try out new ideas.

Jessie will be inviting children to show her the LEGO accessories they have created at home, that uniquely express their own individual style.

You need to register for a free ticket to attend. Visit for more information.

LEGO® Store Leicester Square, London | 27th August
Theme: Imagination with Cabeza Patata | @cabeza_patata
With a focus on diversity and female empowerment within a world of playful characters, full of energy and positivity, award-winning character design studio Cabeza Patata is always finding new ways to play.

Young storytellers can join these imaginative geniuses and unleash an imaginary character from their dream world and build it out of LEGO bricks before bringing their dream character to life by digitally creating their story book cover.

You need to register for a free ticket to attend. Visit for more information.

LEGO® Store Fifth Avenue, New York | 1st October
Theme: Gaming with Lauryn Alexandria | @toastymarshmellow_
On a mission to spread positivity and encouragement through the power of her singing, 24-year-old Lauryn Alexandria wants to be a role model to girls worldwide.

The social media star, live stream gamer and VGM (Video Game Music) singer will inspire children to design an avatar for an imaginary game, then build it out of LEGO bricks. Children will then be guided through how to bring their creation to life with a custom designed game promo poster.

You need to register for a free ticket to attend all three events. Visit for more information.

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