12 Marvel CMFs In Upcoming Series

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Updated: July 19 – Keen eyed readers spotted an error with the set number. The correct set is 71039.

Do you want the good new first or the bad news? I mean, nobody WANTS the bad news, so let’s start with the good.

Good news! Coming September 1, 2023, LEGO and Marvel will release a new 12-figure LEGO Marvel CMF Series 2 (71039 – Updated) lineup for fans to collect. The figures will be priced at USD 4.99 reportedly and have a few more accessory parts than past versions. The leak comes from brick_clicker on Instagram and YouTube.

Bad news! LEGO is reportedly switching away from the traditional foil blind bags to blind cardboard boxes. While we obviously approve of the eco-friendly move here, this will make it nearly impossible to figure out what character is in a box before buying them. So be prepared to buy more – or spend time trading with friends.

Now, let’s take a look at the early reports & rumors of the 12 figures.


We’ve all been waiting since Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania for his LEGO debut and, voila, here he is! With extra details and frills like a unique molded helmet and two different heads, LEGO has definitely pulled out all the stops for this figure. Plus, he’s got some stylish hair and even an Ant-Man microfigure as a bonus. By the way, he’s the only one from Quantumania to get a mini-me this round.


Next up, we have Clint Barton from the Hawkeye series, freshly suited up for his Disney+ premiere. This updated figure sports the hero’s TV-show attire, complete with a printed hearing aid. Of course, Hawkeye isn’t complete without his trademark bow, quiver, and a fancy new owl brick.

Kate Bishop

Future Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, is stepping onto the LEGO stage for the first time with the Marvel CMF Series 2. She comes fully equipped with her own bow and quiver, as well as a bullseye build and the adorable Lucky the Pizza Dog. We can’t promise a brand new mold for Lucky, but judging from the 2021 Marvel CMF, there’s a pretty good chance.

Agatha Harkness

From the world of Wandavision, here comes Agatha Harkness in her mini figure debut! Alongside the ominous Darkhold, she also comes with two purple power blast pieces and a matching cape. Just to clarify, she’s been designed based on Wandavision, not the upcoming Agatha: Coven of Chaos series.

Moon Knight

Say hello to Moon Knight, making his first appearance in LEGO form following his Disney+ debut. Our moonlit hero comes with some custom bricks for his Crescent darts and a printed tile piece for the scarab. And to top off his look, a white cape and hood.

Mr. Knight

Adding to the Moon Knight collection, Mr. Knight also made the cut. He’s geared up with silver fighting sticks and a cute printed brick featuring his pet goldfish, Gus. And let’s not forget the tape recorder! We’re not sure if there will be alternative heads though, so keep an eye out for that.


Time for some She-Hulk action! Jennifer Walters, our favorite (or not-so-favorite, depending on your preferences) attorney at law, is ready to join your LEGO universe. She’s got a printed cellphone brick and even a printed tile with a law firm ad.


Making her grand entrance in LEGO form, we have Echo from the LEGO Marvel CMF Series 2 collection. She’s set to star in her own upcoming show, and although we’re not entirely sure what that’ll look like, we do know she’ll come with her signature sticks and a few mystery accessories.

Werewolf by Night

From the not-so-well-known Disney+ tv-movie, Werewolf by Night, the main character is getting some LEGO love in the newest CMF. He’s all set with a Bloodstone brick, and we’re eagerly awaiting the verdict on whether he’ll appear in monochrome or full color.

Stepping out of the MCU, the LEGO Marvel CMF Series 2 lineup also welcomes some iconic X-Men minifigures from the upcoming X-Men ’97 animated series.


No X-Men lineup would be complete without Wolverine. Logan’s all set to re-debut in the LEGO Marvel CMF Series 2 with his classic mask, interchangeable hair, and claws. And to spice things up, he’s got a Sentinel head stored in a glass case. Cool, right?


Beast is next in line from the X-Men ’97 series, sporting the same hairstyle as Wolverine, but in blue. He comes with a mug that has an ‘X’ printed on it and some extra pieces for a Sentinel assembly.


Last but not least, the LEGO Marvel CMF Series 2 concludes with Storm. She’s all powered up with lightning pieces, a white cauldron, and a matching cape to complete the ensemble.

Given that some of the shows aren’t out, and some characters are barely known, there are some interesting choices. Echo and the Werewolf, we’re looking at you. Also throwing some side-eye at Moon Knight – not Disney’s most popular show.

So, what do you think? Are you excited for this lineup? Or is it some second-rate characters?

Let us know in the comments.

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