How much for LEGO? The Toy Zone site studies prices around the world

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The website ‘The Toy Zone’ is new to me, but there’s some interesting articles there about toys of all kinds, and of course that includes our favorite – LEGO!

One thing the site includes is what they call Research articles where they deep dive a subject such as “Where are LEGO sets the most or least expensive” which is what brought them to my attention.

Their article was updated December 8, 2022 so it’s fairly current, and the original article was published around October 2020. It’s nice to see these time-based articles are being updated to stay current.

It’s fascinating to see how much the price of LEGO sets varies around the world. We all know every country has a different price, sometimes based on currency conversion but there are many other global factors taken into account.

The Toy Zone selected 8 “must have” sets and compared the prices in various countries to see how much fluctuation there is, and it’s pretty wild. Here’s one excerpt:

Norway leads the pack as the cheapest country in the world to buy the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043 set, priced at $318. This is followed by Sweden, with a price of $338. Argentina is the most expensive ($2,614), and Cyprus comes in as the second-most expensive due to a substantial $1,344 price tag. Egypt, Pakistan and Brazil each pay around a thousand dollar mark.
Image of Harry Potter Hogwarts pricing around the world - from The Toy Zone
Image of Harry Potter Hogwarts pricing around the world – from The Toy Zone

I’ll leave the rest of the article for you to explore if you’re interested, but it’s a really interesting read and well researched. I’ll be bookmarking The Toy Zone and watching for other interesting articles.

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