Did You Miss The Ulysses Space Probe? Build It Yourself!

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Boy people were mad about this. In case you missed the drama, the Ulysses Space Probe was announced as a Gift With Purchase (GWP) for the new LEGO Space Shuttle Discovery and then cancelled at the last minute. It was then announced as a VIP reward which had people excited to spend their VIP points.

Then it sold out in 5 minutes. Why? Because reports indicate there were only 3,000 sets available. And then they appeared on eBay and Facebook sites for HUNDREDS of dollars. Yeah. That much.

Our friends over at BrickSet have published scans of the instruction manual as a PDF so that you can ALMOST build the 236 piece set. Almost? Yep – there’s one part you can’t build. Rather than using a stickered piece for the plaque, it’s fully printed and obviously only available in the set.

BrickSet links to PDF of the plaque that you can print to sticker paper and apply to the appropriate parts.

The image below shows all the parts needed to complete the build. Some are internal (like the green 2×4) and could be replaced with other colors you have in your collecdtion.

If you don’t find this set to your liking, the folks over at StoneBricks have designed an alternate version which looks amazing. They provide full instructions, pricing and parts lists if you want to build it. The number of gold pieces brings the cost up, but in many ways it’s more accurate to the original.

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