LEGO Classic 11717 Brick Box

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Amazon Japan has given us a look at an upcoming LEGO Classic Brick Box – set 11717 which it’s usual array of colors and parts, but this time with something not seen in a while. Baseplates. The set comes with 1 each of green, grey, teal and white 16×16 baseplates to build on.

No word on when or if the set will come to the rest of the world but it will be released in Japan on May 1, 2020. The set is listed at ¥10,108 which converts directly to about $93 USD – which will surely not be the final price.

Set description – Translated from Japanese by Google.

  • A starter set with the idea of ​​an easy-to-assemble model that children over 4 years old can enjoy will enjoy unlimited assembly and freedom, and will be full of creativity.
  • The set includes a variety of colors and shapes of LEGO blocks, four 16×16 potch foundation plates and assembly instructions.
  • While building and playing models (frogs, pirate ships, elephants, castles, etc.), children can enjoy free assembly play with infinite possibilities. Combine it with other LEGO sets to expand your creative world even further.
  • The LEGO block, which can be enjoyed in various ways, is also perfect as a Christmas or birthday gift for children over the age of four.
  • This set is perfect not only for beginners but also for those who want to expand the world of LEGO works.
  • Open the door to a world of creative assembly play with this set. With four base plates, it is convenient for model assembly, play, display and carrying.
  • No batteries required. Energy is the creativity of children. LEGO’s assembly play, where you can think for yourself and assemble it using your fingertips, develops your thinking and problem-solving skills, and gives you the satisfaction of being able to do it yourself.
  • If you open the box, you can start playing immediately. Comes with easy-to-understand assembly instructions. There is no end to creative play.

The previous box was 10717 as seen below with 1500 pieces, a solid value at $59.99 USD for a wide variety of parts.

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