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The following press release was sent to us today and we thought it was important to share.

A teenage CEO, a world champion indoor skydiver, the second coming of Jackson Pollock, Korea’s teen figure skating sensation, and Japan’s drumming prodigy are all set to appear on Great Big Story. CNN International Commercial and Great Big Story in partnership with the LEGO Group are launching Play Her Way – an inspiring new series designed to connect with Great Big Story’s young and curious audience and convey the LEGO Group’s message that everyone, regardless of gender, can be the builders of tomorrow.

Starting this month, Play Her Way celebrates exceptional young girls who are breaking the norm in different fields of art, sports and business across the Asia-Pacific region. Five sponsored editorial videos featuring girls from Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and South Korea will be published on Great Big Story during August and September.

Through the series, the LEGO Group aims to empower and inspire young girls to chase their dreams and achieve the impossible. The videos will run across Great Big Story’s multiple platforms and social accounts reaching over 12 million fans and followers around the world.

Sunita Rajan, Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales, Asia Pacific, CNN International Commercial said “We are proud to partner with a brand like the LEGO Group which is committed towards empowering the next generation of women leaders by creating an environment to promote a gender-balanced society. This new partnership is a great alignment of brands, bringing the LEGO Group for the first time together with Great Big Story in a campaign to engage audiences across the world through the power of storytelling while shining a spotlight on girl power.”

“The LEGO Group has an ambition to inspire millions of girls to unlock their potential through a diversified range of creative play experiences, preparing them with the skills they need to shape the world. We need the support and empowerment of their parents in this journey together. We found an extremely creative storyteller with strong APAC reach in CNN and Great Big Story to share the amazing stories of girls who have played their way successfully with tremendous support from their parents. We hope these stories can inspire millions of parents across Asia-Pacific to support their girls to play her way,” said Ivan Zeng, Senior Regional Marketing Director, LEGO Asia-Pacific Market Group.

Check out the published stories from Play Her Way

This Indoor Skydiver Is Defying Gravity and Expectations

Kyra Poh is one of the sport’s top competitors – flipping, spinning and performing stunts with grace and strength. The 17-year-old from Singapore has won more than 30 medals at indoor skydiving competitions all over the world and holds three Guinness World Records. Poh shows us why more girls, including her 9-year-old sister, are discovering the extreme sport.

Japan’s 9-Year-Old Drumming Prodigy

Japanese drummer Yoyoka Soma’s skills have impressed top musicians from the rock hall of fame, including Led Zeppelin. At the tender age of 9, she has already rocked the internet with her mad drumming skills. Yoyoka started playing the drums when she was just 2 and mastered the instrument before she could even speak.

On the Ice With a Figure Skating Prodigy 

Young You started skating when she was 6 years old. She still remembers her first time on the ice. Simply standing was difficult. Today, the 15-year-old is a three-time South Korean national figure skating champion. Her ultimate dream is to win gold at the Olympics. And she’s putting in the hard work it will take to get there.

The Tiny CEO

While other children her age were daydreaming about recess, 14-year-old Hillary Yip Ying-hei was building her own business empire. Like anyone who runs a startup, Hillary Yip spends a lot of time developing investor pitch decks, executing marketing plans and conferring with customers. Yip, who lives in Hong Kong, is the founder and CEO of MinorMynas, a language learning app for kids. Fast forward to today and MinorMynas connects thousands of users from around the world with quality language tools.

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The Next Jackson Pollock is 10 (launching on September 4)

The average 10-year-old has their artwork lovingly hung on the fridge at home. But in Australia, one 10-year-old, dubbed the next Jackson Pollock, has her artwork on exhibition alongside the other pros and now in her own solo shows. Great Big Story meets Aelita Andre whose work has been featured in top galleries around the world, from St. Petersburg to London to New York.

About CNN International Commercial

CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) is responsible for the business operations of CNN’s properties outside of the United States. All commercial activities for brands such as CNN International, CNN en Espanol, CNN Arabic, CNN Style, CNN Business and Great Big Story are aligned within the division. This encompasses the advertising sales, sponsorship partnerships, commercial content development, content sales, brand licensing, distribution and out-of-home operations, business development and marketing for the world’s leading international news provider. CNNIC is a recognised industry leader in international advertising sales and its use of award-winning commercial content, produced through its Create unit and driven by its advanced data usage and digital capabilities, has resulted in strong and enduring partnerships with many of the world’s most recognised brands. Its Content Sales and Licensing unit has relationships with more than 1,000 affiliates ranging from licensing the CNN brand through to content supply contracts as well as offering consultancy services. CNNIC has offices across the world, with key hubs in London, Hong Kong and Miami. For more information visit

About Great Big Story

Great Big Story is a global media company devoted to cinematic storytelling. Headquartered in New York, with a bureau in London, our studios create and distribute micro docs and short films, as well as series for digital, social, TV and theatrical release. Since our launch in late 2015, our producers have traveled to 100 countries to discover the untold, the overlooked and the flat-out amazing. Our stories engage and inspire tens of millions daily. For more information, visit

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