CMF Series 19 Official Names

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LEGO has now added the Collectible Minifigure Series 19 (71025) to their website which means we now have official names for the 16 new figures coming September 1.

As always, the minifigures in Series 19 are blind-bagged meaning what you get in each is semi-random. The professional collectors either buy an entire box, guaranteeing at least 3 full sets, or learn to feel for specific shapes.

For example, the Pizza Costume Guy will be relatively easy because of the large triangle, and the Gardener with her flamingo might be easy too. Take a look at each figure (you can click on them to make them bigger) and think about what’s unique in terms of shapes and accessories. 2 dogs, magnifying glass, sword etc.

Distribution within each box was also released the other day with Mummy Queen, Video Game Champ and Galactic Bounty Hunter being the most plentiful.

5 Per Box: Mummy Queen, Video Game Champ and Galactic Bounty Hunter

4 Per Box: Programmer, Pizza Costume Guy, Bear Costume Guy, Fright Knight, Rugby Player and Jungle Explorer

3 Per Box: Dog Sitter, Mountain Biker, Fire Fighter, Fox Costume Girl, Shower Guy, Gardener, Monkey King

Below, in alphabetical order, are your 16 figures with their proper names. Each one is clickable for a larger view.

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