Lepin offices and factory raided in China

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Police in China reportedly raided and “[we] successfully destroyed the criminal gang suspected of infringing the copyright of the “Lego” brand, arrested four suspects headed by Li [the company owner], and smashed production and packaging” effectively seeming to end the production of fake brick toy sets from Shanghai for now. Reports surfaced last night on Weibo, a Chinese news site and quickly spread around the LEGO community.

“3 warehouses, warehouses, etc., more than 10 assembly lines, more than 90 production molds, nearly 200,000 manuals, more than 200,000 packaging boxes, more than 630,000 finished products, more than 200 million yuan .”

We’ve talked before about LEGO victories against the knock-off brand and now with LEGO trying to make legitimate pushes into Chinese retail it is in the country’s best interest to assist with enforcement.

On the Weibo website, you can see more photos of the filthy conditions in which the sets were being produced. Contrast those with the videos of the LEGO factories in various documentaries and the difference is incredible.

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