Gay Couple Announce Their Family With LEGO Stop Motion Animation

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My own husband recently shared this story with me, it’s about a couple of gay dads using a stop motion LEGO movie to share their excitement in announcing their upcoming twin baby boys!

You can read the story at Instinct Magazine. Be aware that site may contain PG or higher content aside from this story but is safe for workplace reading.

Sean and Spencer created this adorable fairy tale story about 2 men in love and their travels as they meet a mermaid, a wizard, a dragon and a female knight. Their travels to meet the brave female knight at the end is obviously full of metaphors for the challenges they faced in deciding to have a baby, and then finding the appropriate surrogate. The story is cute and the animation is well done, incorporating other non-LEGO miniatures to help set the scene.

We wish the guys the best of luck as they become dads to not 1, but 2 boys at the same time.

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