BrickCon 2017 This Weekend

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This weekend, October 7 & 8, Seattle plays host to the massive 16th annual BrickCon event and we’ll be covering much of the show over the weekend. If you’re at BrickCon or plan to attend (Tickets are on sale now), keep an eye out for me as I roam the show floor.

BrickCon’s theme for 2017 is Brick To Old School and they’ve really gone to the classics in both large and small details. First is the red, yellow and blue color scheme that runs through both the logo and other elements for the show. You’ll notice it’s a cool throw-back to the classic LEGO brick colors of the 70s many of us remember.

The theme continues with the AFOL show set designed by Chris Malloy of The Brothers Brick. The set pays great homage to the classic castle, fire and space themes that really kick started LEGO’s growth in the 70s and 80s again.

I’m attending the show as an AFOL attendee this year. This means that for an extra cost, I get to participate in 4 days of games and seminars that aren’t available to the public at large, and have access to the 500 builders and fans that are attending in the same category. I’ve met some great people over the first day and the show floor already has some astounding MOCs setup with many, many more to appear today.

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