Elusive Highway Man minifigure found in the wild?

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According to Reddit and Instagram, the mysterious minifigure from the upcoming collectible minifigure series 17 has been found. And according to the photographer, it came from the LEGOLand in Billund!

lego_collector_dad on Instagram posted this photo of the figure along with the printed collector sheet for the series as proof that he had actually purchased one or more of the new series. He also posted another photo featuring more figures he purchased.

Despite the authenticity, I’m not going to post the photo today to preserve the secret. In general, people are not happy with the figure or the mystery. The figure does appear to be the highwayman people expected and he’s carrying 2 flintlock pistols. He wears a tricorne hat, bandana and heavy black cloak. The character is printed nicely with dual-molded legs and printing continuing from the body down to them. The issue people have is “Why the secrecy?”

If you choose to look at the photo, leave your thoughts below in the comments with what you think about it. Is it worth the secrecy?


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