LEGO Friends Summer 2017 Images

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Dutch toy site SinQel is at it again, posting a ton of pictures of upcoming LEGO sets. These are official images that LEGO releases to retailers, although it usually comes with the restriction that they not be posted before a certain date. Sinqel gave us first looks last season as well.

There’s essentially 2 seasons of Friends sets coming – one for winter, the other for summer/anytime. Let’s have a look at summer first!

Friends Summertime Sets

Heartlake Surf Shop (41315) – 186 Pieces

Andrea’s Speedboat Transporter (41316) – 309 pieces

Sunshine Catamaran (41317) – 603 Pieces

Heartlake Hospital (41318) – 871 Pieces

Friends Snow Resort Sets

Snow Resort Off-Roader (41321)

Snow Resort Ice Rink (41322) – 307 Pieces

Snow Resort Chalet (41323) – 402 Pieces

Snow Resort Ski Lift (41324) – 585 Pieces

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