2017 Summer LEGO City Pictures

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SinQel, the Dutch online store has posted a whole bunch of box and set pictures for the 2017 Summer line of LEGO City sets, and there are a LOT of sets. Included here is the new Jungle and Coast Guard series.


People Pack – Fun at the Beach (60153) – 169 Pieces

Bus Station (60154)

Cargo Terminal (60159)


Jungle Buggy (60156) – 53 Pieces

Jungle Starter Set (60157)

Jungle Cargo Helicopter (60158) – 1456 Pieces

Jungle Halftrack Mission (60159) – 378 Pieces

Mobile Jungle Lab (60160) – 426 Pieces

Jungle Exploration Site (60161) – 813 Pieces

Coast Guard

Coast Guard Starter Set (60163) – 76 Pieces

Sea Rescue Plane (60164) – 141 Pieces

4×4 Response Unit (60165) – 347 Pieces

Heavy-Duty Rescue Helicopter (60166) – 415 Pieces

Coast Guard Headquarters (60167)

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