BrickBrains seeks Brainy Contributors

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BrickBrains has just passed it’s 1-year anniversary and this little site has grown a lot since it started. We’re still looking for more growth and need your help with it.

We’re looking for a few contributors to provide articles or stories on an ongoing basis. Obviously the content would be LEGO-centric but other than that we’re pretty much open to your ideas. Maybe you like to write “How To” articles teaching MOC building. Maybe it’s an analysis of how a new or old part can be used in a variety of different ways. Do you travel to LEGO shows and want to do photo essays about what you see at them? Do you like to write reviews of the LEGO sets you buy? The options are endless.

There’s a few basic requests, but nothing too crazy:

  • You have to LOVE LEGO of course
  • Adult LEGO builder (AFOL) at least 18 years old
  • You should be active in the AFOL community on forums, Flickr, your local LUG or elsewhere
  • You’re a good communicator – we’ll want to see samples of your comments and other web postings
  • Have you blogged? We’d love to see something you wrote, but this isn’t a requirement
  • Have you ever used WordPress? It’s what we use, so the ability to post an article using it would be a bonus
  • You’ve got a bit of a social media following to help promote your posts on to the world

Ok, now for the bad news. There’s no money in this. For now it’s a labor of love that’s generated about almost no income since we started in 2015. You’ll be doing this for the love of writing and the love of LEGO. If we ever start making more than it costs to operate the site, we’ll put that money back into the AFOL community with contests, sponsorships, and maybe buy some LEGO to review (some for you too!).

We’ve put up a handy little application form just in case we haven’t scared you off yet. We promise to contact all serious applicants (and some of the funny ones!) so feel free to drop us a line.

Hop over to the application form if you’ve got any interest in joining our merry band of misfits.

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