LEGO City Sets – 2017 Edition

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Recently new images of the LEGO City sets for Winter 2017 have been appearing everywhere. There’s a strong trend in a few of these sets – outdoor motor sports. I’m using the term broadly to include the race plane, buggy, truck, boat, dragster and ATV. The catamaran isn’t a motor sport, but still an outdoor sport.

The sets are rounded out with the pizza truck and the sweeper & excavator which fit into every city and would be perfect along side the Fun in the Park (60134) set from 2016.

Below, I’ve rounded up those photos for you to browse and add to your wish list. Keep an eye out for another post featuring the 8 City Police sets that have been announced too.

Unfortunately we probably won’t see these sets until after the holiday season (ie: starting in January).

60144 Race Plane – 89 Pieces

60145 Buggy – 81 Pieces

60146 Truck Stunt – 91 Pieces

60147 Fishing Boat – 144 Pieces

60148 ATV Race Team – 239 Pieces

60149 Catamaran with 4×4 – 198 Pieces

60150 Pizza Van – 249 Pieces

60151 Dragster Transporter – 333 Pieces

60152 Sweeper & Excavator – 299 Pieces

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