Disney Minifigure Display Box Quantities Discovered


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25919897330_a82477af42_bWhoever the source is over at the Legends Brick LEGO Facebook group they’re both awesome and likely to get in a lot of trouble with these leaks. Not that we’re complaining.

Yesterday word started coming out regarding the quantity & distribution of figures in each freshly sealed box of minifigures. The distribution is important since it helps determine how hard a given figure may be to find as the figures roll out to the public.

Here’s the list according to the leak:

  • Aladdin (3)
  • Alice (3)
  • Alien (4)
  • Ariel (3)
  • Buzz Lightyear (3)
  • Captain Hook (3)
  • Cheshire Cat (3)
  • Daisy Duck (3)
  • Donald Duck (3)
  • Genie (4)
  • Maleficent (3)
  • Mickey (4)
  • Minnie (3)
  • Mr. Incredible (4)
  • Peter Pan (3)
  • Stitch (4)
  • Syndrome (4)
  • Ursula (3)

If you’re not inclined to do the math, there are 60 figures per factory sealed box in total.

The distribution is pretty even with each box containing 3 full sets plus extras. In contrast, Series 14 and 15 had 5 per box of 3 figures which means those 3 figures were pretty easy to get and made others a bit more difficult.

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