2017 LEGO Set Rumors

Rumors are running rampant and firing up LEGO fans of all ages right now. Below is a compilation of the current set of LEGO...

LEGO 75155: Rebel U-wing Fighter – Product Video

This white and blue ship has a darker underside with a troop-hold inside. 659 pieces with 5 minifigures and stud launchers rounds this out...

LEGO 75154: TIE Striker – Product Video

One of the larger Rogue One sets announced so far, the TIE Striker is an impressive looking ship and set. The set is made...

LEGO 75153: AT-ST Walker – Product Video

At 449 pieces, this isn't a small set and seems to be garnering support as one of the better AT-ST representations from LEGO.

LEGO 75152: Imperial Assault Hovertank – Product Video

It seems like even in Rogue One the hapless StormTroopers lose again. This product video for the 385 piece Imperial Assault Hovertank set was released...

Free Shipping on until 9/30

To celebrate the newly redesigned LEGO Shop at Home website, the LEGO Group is offering free shipping on all orders through September 30, 2016....

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